Quality in focus

Our history in manufacturing has taught us to develop innovative products with a mindset in delivering consistent quality. We have a habit of exceeding our customers expectations. We are obsessed with delivering quality, not just from our manufacturing process but from the quality of service during correspondence to the quality of raw material we source.

We are working towards building quality standards with zero defect. We follow the best practices in manufacturing from Balance Score Card to DMAIC Improvement Cycle. We do a root cause analysis on all problems and use CAPA (corrective action and preventive action) Process to systematically investigate discrepancies and improve quality system.

For us the value chain is important so that we work not only on our processes but also on supplier and sub supplier development. For agility we have an in-house laboratory to test all materials we are using to ensure consistency.


Nizam apparel is fully complaint with International Social and Environmental & Quality standards


Nizam Apparel’s foundation was to make a sustainable fashion apparel factory with a best in class laundry. Our goal under Nizam One is to achieve our sustainability targets without losing creative freedom to make replicable products.
With laser technology we eliminate harmful processes for worker’s health like sandblasting, hand sanding and Potassium Permanganate spray (PP Spray).
With the ozone technology we eliminate the risk of pollution and damaging emissions for the environment at the same time saving water, energy and chemicals up to 67%, 62% & 85% respectively
The conventional vehicle to distribute the chemicals to the fabric is water. e-Flow technology uses water vapour reducing consumption up to 95% Water, 90% Chemical & 40% Energy
We assign a EIM score to all our garments to encourage sustainable manufacturing and are capable of producing garments Under EIM Green Score (<25)
We have an Eco conveyor oven that reduces gas and electricity consumption whilst curing the garments for special finishes