Our 150 year old legacy of Textile Manufacturing


H. NIZAM DIN & SONS (Private) LTD.

A symbol of trust since 1869

Established in 1869, H. Nizam Din & Sons Private Limited is one of the oldest and leading business groups in Pakistan operating a diversified portfolio of businesses. It is a family-run business that manufactures innovative, high quality & cost-effective products and diversified products. 

NIZAM adheres to sustainable and ethical business standards through a vertically integrated business model, thus, controlling and managing the entire product development and production processes. In a predominately old industry, NIZAM has established itself as a world leader today, with its vision of investment in modern equipment and technology that contributes toward making products timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Innovation, functionality, quality, and design are the cornerstones that support our product development. With our robust research and development team.

Our technical insight into materials & production methods, and over 150 years of experience in the business, we bring innovation and highest quality products to the market.

Nizam Apparel

A strategic project of Nizam Group with a history and performance over 150 years. Our apparel division has been established with the vision of making a mark in the global fashion and protective clothing industry. A Cut to Pack unit with an integrated laundry for woven garments and non woven for the medical industry. Our state of the art facilities, together with the top Garment professionals in the industry who understand the pulse, passion for fashion and offer fast fashion offerings. NIZAM strives to become a niche producer of woven garments with the core focus on sustainable and ethical manufacturing. 

We embed sustainability into our organization and our product development by minimizing the environmental carbon impact of our products through innovative and sustainable industrial practices, always without compromising on comfort, quality, and design. Our collections are driven by understanding the latest trends in consumer preferences, changes in the customer’s product requirements and newly accessible technologies, materials, and embellishments to keep us ahead of our competition.




Haji Nizam Din identified the potential during the mutiny of 1857 and started manufacturing tents for the army in the year 1869. The Government of India placed the firm on the approved list of contractors for the government, railway and ruling chief of India.

The first factory was established in Lahore, and over the years gained an enviable reputation for high quality and became one of the prime vendors for the Government and various agencies.


World War II

In the year 1939, the military authorities expressed their appreciation by relying on the company for the manufacture of numerous tents. Heavy military demand compelled NIZAM to manufacture a different kind of tents for the military authorities which were sent to various parts of the subcontinent and a new factory was started in 1942 in Lahore.

Identifying Karachi as the future of Pakistan after independence a modern facility was established in Karachi, Pakistan. It become one of the first manufacturing facilities to start exporting products from the 1950's to various countries in the Middle East and Iran.


150 Years Later

We are a diversified textile manufacturer, while our roots and expertise still is in Tents and Shelter, we have invested in new manufacturing facilities to become a diverse player in the global textile industry, servicing customers in over 100 Countries.

Our portfolio of products across our manufacturing facilities are:

- Tents and Shelter

- Denim Jeans and Protective Clothing for Work Wear

- Home Textile and Made Ups

- Polyester Fleece Blankets

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