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With a rich history of more than 140 years, we blend conventional methods with modern technology to manufacture high quality, innovative and cost effective fashion essentials.

At NIZAM our strength lies in flexibility, responsiveness, attention to detail and enhanced networking in both the local and global arena. We have logistical efficiencies that allow us to mobilize our services in every corner of the globe on short notice. We take pride in delivering top quality products to meet the world class high quality and international standards. We are customer focused, and have a process-driven approach which guarantees continual improvement and a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

Our Research and Development division focuses on innovation and strive continuously to improve process methods for enhancing our customers’ experience. All the facilities at NIZAM are ISO Certified and BSCI certified, with focus on being a socially responsible manufacturer. Continuous investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities coupled with our professional human resource makes us an ideal business partner in terms of credibility and services quality.

Made to

Our professional setup, together with our extensive knowledge of the market pulse and passion for fashion allows us to tailor specific solutions to our clients. Our ability to perceive proactively and respond to rapid alterations and ever changing demands of the garment industry has made NIZAM as one of the front runners in the global textile industry.

Made of the
Strongest Fiber

We strive hard to promote new fashion trends as we are passionate about clothing and committed to define values for customer’s satisfaction by exceling in style and quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR philosophy is based on the notion that society and corporation are united and that a company can improve its own functioning by influencing the environment in which it operates. We actively participate in activities that contribute to the betterment of society- starting with our employees.